The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.


ALL Michel Prosper's Descendants thru 1920

All descendants together would make such a large file,

they were grouped for each of his sons.

(Each file is multiple pages)


Michel III and Marie Magdeliene Duhon   (57 pages)  Updated 8/2019

Alexandre I and Marie Augustine Dugas   (17 pages)  Updated 8/2019

Julien Sr and Marie Duhon      (70 pages)   Updated 8/2019

Augustin and Marie Emerante Meche    (18 pages)   Updated 8/2019

Placide and Marie Azelie Matte    (4 pages)   Updated 8/2019

Placide and Marie Josephine Doucet    (29 pages)   Updated 8/2019