The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.


Oldest known Richelieu Leger Generations

(Possibly)  First Generation:  Jehan Leger
born abt 1570 in France

married to
Francoise Girault in France
born abt 1570

- - - - - - -
(Possibly)  Second Generation: Jehan Leger
born 6/20/1593 in France

married to
Loyse Quilliere
born 2/8/1594 in France

Third generation: Etienne Leger,
(Possibly)  born April 2,1617
in Aubigny-sur-Nere,France

(Birth location, Aubigny is abt 140 miles
distance from St Martin de las Place.
It would have been very unusual to
travel that far at that time)

married to
Nicolle Chuveau (Chudeau),
baptized July 1631 in St Martin de la Place, France
Married about 1655
probably at Saint-Lambert-des-Levèes, France

- - - - - - -

Fourth generation: François Leger, born May 11, 1667
Saint-Lambert-des-Levées, France,
died 14 April 1698, Fontevraud, France

married to
Anne Guingand, born August 24, 1663 Fontevraud, France
Married August 21, 1691 in the Church of St. Michel,
Fontevraud, France

- - - - - - -

Fifth generation: Jean Leger,
born November 20, 1694 Fontevraud, France

married to
Marguerite Marchand

Known as Jean dit Richelieu Leger
He was the first of our Leger line to come to America.
They settled in Quebec, where they lived and raised a family.

- - - - - - -

Sixth generation: Michel Leger
born March 28 1729 in Quebec, Canada

married to
an Acadian, Angelique Pinet
born 1739 in Louisbourg, Ile Royale, Canada
who, as a widow, came to settle in Louisiana in 1785
with her three sons.