The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.

2001 Reunion

    The Richelieu-Leger Family Association, Inc. held its first Family Reunion on Feb. 17, 2001 at "The Hall" in Lafayette, La. 

    President Albert "Butch" Leger opened the 10:00 a.m. program by welcoming everyone and giving a brief history of the Leger family.  Monica Lege Gaspard led everyone in singing the National Anthem, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance in French led by Judge Allen Babineaux.  There were two guest speakers for the meeting.  Eddie Richard spoke on CAFA's efforts in helping French Immersion Programs and on plans for family reunions in 2003 in conjunction with "The Louisiana Purchase" celebration.  Judge Babineaux then addressed the group with the importance of keeping our heritage alive, along with a few cajun jokes.  At the end of his speech, Judge Babineaux presented the association with an Acadian flag.  Butch Leger and member Shannon Neveaux followed this presentation with the unveiling of the association's new Coat of Arms, while Butch explained the meaning of each symbol.

     After the program, about 200 Leger relatives from Louisiana, Texas and California (one even from Germany) sat down to a covered dish lunch.  Throughout the afternoon everyone enjoyed mingling and dancing to the music of Donny Broussard and the Louisiana Stars.  Numerous genealogy charts were posted and four computers were available with genealogical databases for searching of ancestors.  The Reunion Committee presented a Mardi Gras Revelry which thoroughly delighted young and old alike.  If you weren't there, you definitely missed a GOOD TIME.

     The Reunion Committee would like to thank everyone who donated time, effort, t-shirts, gift baskets and mementos to make this reunion such a huge success.  If your weren't here this year, maybe you'll make it in 2003.

Ancestor to be Honored
     Our association has decided to name and sponsor our ancestor, Angelique Pinet Leger on the Acadian Mural in St. Martinville.  The necessary documentary paperwork is being prepared by Ranson Lege.  The cost of this sponsorship was $2000.  Please see our page on this project by simply clicking