Richelieu Leger Family Association 

2003 Reunion



                                       LEGER REUNION A SUCCESS

The second Richelieu Leger Reunion was held recently at the A. A. Comeaux Park in Abbeville with over 200 in attendance.  There were Leger families from nineteen cities in Louisiana, six cities in Texas, one family came from Biloxi, Mississippi, one from Tulsa, Oklahoma, one from Napa, California, as well as a special guest from Nova Scotia..  Many met family members for the first time and many others enjoyed  visiting with family members they had not seen in many, many years.  The  Reunion Committee of the Richelieu Leger Association, headed by Curtis Broussard and Joycie Lege Broussard, all felt so gratified to see the results of their hard work.  The official red Leger Tee shirts with the Leger crest were very much in evidence throughout the reunion, proudly sported by the children as well.  The Leger Association grew by 29 new Legers and one renewal, bringing our total membership to 99.

President, Butch Leger, presided at the short meeting, with Deacon Chris Mouton of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church of Abbeville, giving the Invocation.  Many dignitaries were present:  Mark Piazza, Mayor of Abbeville, and Abbeville Councilman Francis Touchet who welcomed the Legers to Abbeville; Councilman Carbett Duhon (who is a member); Father Austin Leger, Pastor of St. Martin-de-Tours Church in St. Martinville who spoke on his personal history, also a member; Daniel Comeau, of Nova Scotia, Congres Mondial Representative, who gave a very enlightening description of some of the activities we can look forward to during Congres Mondial in 2004.  He also sang the blessing before the meal in French.  Loubert Trahan, CAFA Treasurer and member of the Leger Association, explained the activities of the Louisiana Purchase Celebration by the Acadians, to be held in Rayne, June 13th,14th and 15th, 2003.

The Reunion Committee did a superb job of setting up the more than adequate delicious covered dishes that were brought in, so that the lines moved very quickly and everything was easily accessible.  Families enjoyed their time together, conversing over their meal.
The Genealogy Committee did a brisk business with many Legers looking for answers to their genealogical questions.  There were three computers and three printers, providing access and print outs to the Leger database; and a full set of Fr. Hebert's volumes, as well as a set of the Leger Historical series for reference.  Vintage family pictures were brought in and displayed.  These will be put in the archives of the Leger Association.

Highlight of the festivities was the outstanding portrayal of Angelique Pinet Leger, our Leger Acadian Mother, (portrayed by Jodie  Lege  Bertrand), Angelique's 3 sons Michel (portrayed by  Roy Tre Bertrand (III), Louis, (portrayed by  Travis Broussard), Jean Baptiste (portrayed by  Matthew Broussard)  and  Angelique's first grandson portrayed by  Jonathon Broussard.  Angelique gave us an intimate first person account of the extremely hard life she and Michel lived and the many tragedies they endured during their deportation and life in exile, bringing tears to many eyes in the audience.  After the presentation,

Travis Broussard played several French pieces on his Acadian accordian, dedicating his pieces to his Great Grandfather Percy "Kaplan" Lege, father of Ray Lege and Joycie Lege Broussard, while Angelique and one of her sons danced together. 

There were many items available for purchase: copies of the Leger crest for framing, magnets, calendars and T shirts with the Leger crest and the first Leger Cookbook was an immediate sell out.  The Committee is looking into the possibility of printing more copies of this beautifully done cookbook.  The Raffle Committee had many lovely items; a handmade quilt, a quilted lap throw with the Leger crest, and many other items.  Tickets were also available for purchase for a raffle to be drawn at the Leger booth at the Louisiana Purchase Celebration in June, featuring a hand quilted wall hanging of  "Churches in Leger History" as well as other lovely items. 

The Richelieu Leger Association will be represented along with seven other Acadian Associations at the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville, with their crest made up in mosaic.  Many attendees proudly contributed to this project.

Donny Broussard and his band completed the afternoon's entertainment with their Cajun music for dancing