The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.

2004 Congres Mondial

Nova Scotia

The Trahan Family and the Leger Families (the descendents of the Richelieu and the Larosette  Leger Ancestors) held a world class reunion in Nova Scotia on August 6, 7 and 8 of 2004 near the site of their common ancestor, Guillaume Trahan.


The following is a short rendition of the happenings at the reunion, along with a few photos. More picture will be posted as time and space will allow.  


This event took place at the Old Orchard Inn, Wolfville, Nova Scotia.  The Inn went all out to make everybody welcome.  The hospitality was five star, every member of the staff had a constant smile, and no request went unfulfilled.  We are very grateful for such outstanding service, food and comfort.

The reunion began with registration on Friday afternoon, with each individual family- The Trahan's, the Richileau Leger's and the LaRosette Leger's each having a registration table.  That Friday evening an informal social and gathering was held with the president of each of the families involved welcoming the attendees.  Approximately 230 attended.

The next morning, Saturday, was devoted to bus tours, all preplanned and pre-registered.  Upon returning from the tours the group joined with those who had stayed behind, mingling and making new friends.  Others took advantage of the three computers set up to check up on their genealogy.

That evening a formal dinner was served, with 194 attending.  The loin of pork was served with all the trimmings and was absolutely delicious.  After the meal awards were presented to the planners and doers of this reunion, photos below describing each award.  The table decorations, flags with the Coat of Arms of each individual family as well as the Stars and Strips and the Tri-Color of Acadie were very prominent and became souvenirs for many who were able to snatch them before they all disappeared.

Although Butch Leger, President of the Richileau Leger's of Louisiana could not attend the reunion, he sent a video tape message that was played to the crowd, expressing his regret in not being able to attend, but wishing all there could have a very pleasant reunion, meet old friends and make many new friends.  I think all his wishes came true.

The Sunday Mass was very well attended although some distance away from the Old Orchard Inn. Rev. Maurice Leger, Shédiac, New Brunswick, was the chief celebrant, and the co-celebrants were Rev. Lee J. Kahrs, DePeres, Wisc.  and Rev. Leger.  Rev. Maurice reminded those attending mass just what he thought the letters in   A C A D I E    stood for:  A:  Amour, la tere, la famille, native people & attention, the Star of the Assumption;  C: Courage, without which our ancestors would not have survived; A:  Accommodations and adaptations to survive; D:  Devoted to our family and faith in God - Dieu who was always there and why we are here today - Louisiana, Nova Scotia, California, Texas and many other locals;  I:  Ingenious and Integrity; E:  Equality, proud but equal to those more powerful, or poor, or trodden. 

After mass many stepped forward and gave moving testimonials of what this reunion meant to them.  Many hankies were needed to dry some very moist eyes.

After the mass, many journeyed to the St. Famille Cemetery for the dedication of the Memorial Marker erected by the three families in honor of their ancestry.  Another moving experience.  This site was uncovered while a developer was digging footings for homes in the area.  After careful search of church and death records, it was determined that approximately 300 of our ancestors are buried at the cemetery of the now destroyed St. Famille Catholic Church.  Donations are still being accepted since a debt of around $5000 still remains on the project. 

On Monday most visited the Grand-Pre Historic Site and Welcome Center for "Louisiana Cajun Day."  And what a day it was.  Many moving speeches, presentations, and naturally Louisiana Cajun Music and dancing.  Not to be forgotten was plenty of Louisiana cooking served to the waiting crowd.  Chef Roy Lyons of Crowley, La. did an outstanding job of preparing the jambalaya and fricassé.  You could see many from Louisiana helping with the serving of the food.

Of course no trip to Nova Scotia can be complete without dining on lobster, scallops, mussels, or even that British or Scottish mainstay - fish & chips.  The chef and his staff at the Old Orchard Inn are to be commended on their excellent fare.