The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.

 2007 Reunion

     The 2007 Richelieu Leger Reunion was held recently at the A. A. Comeaux Park in Abbeville with 137 in attendance. Doors opened at 8:30AM.  The  Registration Committee headed by Joyce Lege began registration at 9:00AM. The Genealogy booth, manned by Lou Leger and the Genealogy Committee, opened at 9:00 AM and was available until 4:00PM for all interested individuals to check out their ancestry on computers, charts, books and pictures.

     New this year was the Kids Korner. Volunteer students from Kaplan High School, under the direction of Kathryn Rost, engaged the children in various games and activities from 9:30 to 2:00 PM.

     Welcome ceremonies began at 11:00 am with a greeting from the association president, Butch Leger, followed by the invocation given by Francis Plaisance, mayor Pro Temp of Abbeville. The national Anthem was sung by member Monica Lege. Captain Jim Williams, Jr. of the La. National Guard, husband of member Toni Lege Williams, led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Blessing Before Meals was led by Sue Neveaux.

      The official red Leger Tee shirts with the Leger crest were very much in evidence throughout the reunion, proudly sported by the children as well.  The Leger Association grew by 29 new Legers and one renewal, bringing our total membership to 99.

    The Reunion Committee did a superb job of setting up the more than adequate delicious covered dishes that were brought in, so that the lines moved very quickly and everything was easily accessible.  Families enjoyed their time together, conversing over their meal.

       The Genealogy Committee did a brisk business with many Legers looking for answers to their genealogical questions.  There were three computers and three printers, providing access and print outs to the Leger database; and a full set of Fr. Hebert's volumes, as well as a set of the Leger Historical series for reference.  Vintage family pictures were brought in and displayed.  These will be put in the archives of the Leger Association.

The band, "Moi J'aime Ca Comme Ca", completed the afternoon's entertainment with their Cajun music for dancing.