The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.

2009 Reunion

    The 5th Bi-Annual Reunion of the Richelieu Leger Family Assoc., Inc. was held on Saturday, February 21, 2009 at the Vermillion Youth center located at 301 A.A. Comeaux memorial drive in Abbeville, La

    Doors opened at 9:00 am for families to register, mingle, meet young and old relatives from across the country and learn more about their family history.

    At 11:00 am, Welcome Activities began with an invocation by Rev. Austin Leger, Chaplain of the association. Following the invocation, everyone joined Monica Lege in the singing of the National Anthem, followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance led by Ken.  Francis Plaissance, Mayor Pro Temp of Abbeville, welcomed everyone to Abbeville which was followed by a lunch blessing, led by Rev. Leger.    Everyone enjoyed a beautiful and delicious covered dish luncheon provided by all the families.

    The Annual General Membership Meeeting was held around 1:00 pm followed by singing and dancing to the music of the band, "Moi J'aime Ca Comme Ca".   Around 2;45 pm, the annual Dance Contest was held with five couples participating: Toni & Chris Esponge, Berton Leger and his daughter, Claire, Gilbert and Vera Lege, Carroll Langlinais and Ellen Waller, and Al Leger and Rhonda Perry.  Judges for the contest were the wives of the members of the band.  For the second time. Toni and Chris Esponge won the trophy: Berton and Claire Lege came in second.  Toni Esponge is also one of Berton's daughters.  Guess we know which family inherited the dancing gene!

    Throughout the day, Leger t-shirts and cookbooks were sold and plenty of door prizes were awarded.

    Once again, a wonderful time was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.  The Reunion Committee would like to thank everyone who attended and invites everyone back again in 2011.