The Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc.

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Le Gardien

(The Gardian)

           $35.00     (2020 Issues now available)

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The history of the Richelieu Leger Family

 Contains the story of the Leger Family from France, to Acadie, then to Louisiana.

Written  episodically by our Historian Ranson Lege, it became a 386 page history

 including information from 1630 to after the Civil War in America.

Included are multiple official documents both in French and English.

Interesting documents included are the Manifest of the ship that brought the “Widow Leger“, 

Angelique and two sons, Louis and Jean Baptiste to Louisiana. Description of rations are especially riveting!

Also Probate records for oldest Son, Michel and his wife, reveal what their life would have been like.


Leger Cookbook       

 Sprial bound, plastic covered collection of Leger family recipes          $ 12.00    OR

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Leger T-Shirts    

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Leger Ancestors in Louisiana

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Ancestors in Louisiana contains the Genealogy of our ancestors who

propagated the Leger name in Louisiana.

Pulled from the information that we hold in our Association Database from

1630 thru 1920.   This includes Leger males and their children, displayed in three

pedigree charts. One for each of the three Leger brothers that settled in Louisiana;

Michel Prosper, Louis, and Jean Baptiste

Following the charts, are Family reports for each child bearing the Leger Name.

(Due to space restriction,  Males were omitted if they died before being of child

bearing age)

This information is what the Association has been given by its membership.

It is definitely not complete. Hopefully more information will continue to be accumulated.